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Rejuvenation Program

As many Baby Boomers age, they may look to the condominium lifestyle, simply, turn the key and go, with very little responsibility or upkeep.

But, not all Boomers can afford the condominium lifestyle, monthly fees can be expensive on top of the hefty purchase price for today’s condominiums. More importantly, not all Boomers want to loose their independence ,ie, gardening, room to entertain family or friends or just not living so close to your neighbour.

If you now live in a desirable neighbourhood, why not invest in your present home!  Every dollar you spend to upgrade your present home, is one of the best investments you will make! From the basics, to the extravagant, these upgrades will bring many returns in the future.

Alternatively, if you now live in a large, underutilized home, consider selling and moving into  a smaller home in a desirable neighbourhood and spending some money on improvements.

With over 60 years in the building and real estate industry, we can help make your thoughts and dreams a reality.  Call or email today at or 289-213-2820

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