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Our homes represent a unique combination of the proven and the innovative.

The best traditional comforts and desirable features,
along with easy maintenance and energy efficiency.


Long before this catchy phrase was born, our company was investing both time and energy in learning the latest in environmentally friendly building. We were one of the first R  2000 builders in the area, constantly updating in the latest building techniques and materials available. More recently, we are installing tankless hot water units to look after both domestic hot water and space heating, in-floor water radiant heating, heat recovery ventilators and much more. ICF’s (Insulated concrete forms) are now also used in many of our homes creating a much warmer, quieter, and energy efficient home.

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Niagara construction homebuilders for over 50 years, you choose a history of quality, and a home you will be proud to live in for many years to come.